Sunday, October 14, 2012


who knew i would fall in love with Sariayu makeup product range easily? :P
alright, alright.. i did judge them at first thinking.. the quality sucks and the pigmentation wont be good but I WAS WRONG AND I AM NOT ASHAMED TO SAY IT OUT LOUD :D

alright so i think, we gotta love our local products right?
i am the type of person, i dont look at brands, as long as they are good and achieved my expectation then i will love them :) 

Sariayu is one of them :) although there are more brands under Martha Tilaar but this particular brand that i think: low cost + good quality :)
what more can you ask for?

- i am not being sponsored
- bought this with my own money
- works on me but i dont know whether it will work on you
- please do a research before purchasing :)

let's start!

The foundation

This is the foundation, i know it seems very dark for my skintone but trust me, when you apply it onto your face, it blends in well and if it is slightly too dark, you can always apply a lighter color of powder :) it is lightweight and the scent was okay, didnt bother me :) 
the packaging: small and handy but rather difficult to push the product out
they only have two colors choices which is the down side :( and most of the color they have are suitable for people with tanned or tan with yellow undertone skin :(
i believe this is only RP 8000 (round it up)

The powder

again, when i saw this color, well when i was choose the colors, they only have 3 colors but the sales lady told me to get this one so i did, with the price i think i have nothing to lose * i forgot the price* so i purchase this, tried it out, the scent is nice but i am not a big fan of this kinda scent, very velvety so it has a good pigmentation and the best part, it blends well with my skin, not too dark and not too light :)
the packaging: not my fave although it has this lock so that it wont get messy but it still is messy when you open the transparent lid :(

The eyeshadow

i have a few more of their eyeshadows but i will show only one :P
i hate the packaging too plain haha but ignore the packaging i am all about quality :)
the texture of this eyeshadow and the others are very velvety and thick, it blends well and of course, super pigmented :) the colors are there!
price.. again cant remember.. sorry :(

The blush on

this is the only blush on that i owned, i planned to buy another one but i gotta wait and see :P
the price i believe is somewhere around RP 40.000 ish
again, i love the pigmentation and the texture, it blends well and doesnt cause any difficulties for me :)
i hate how small it is though.. for the price they should make it bigger i think.

The shimmering powder

i have this for ages, never used it, and i have no idea how to use it? ahaha i have a feeling that this is a highlight for your face :P or bronzer? i dont know but i will try and do a review on it :)
but again, this price is around RP 50.000 ish which is not bad looking at the pigmentation! look the at picture! look how thick and shiny it is! ok this is not a bronzer at all :P that swatch i did with only one swipe :) again the texture is soft thick and easy to blend

The mascara & eyeliner

trust me! this is a product you need to buy if you are in a tight budget! the price was around RP50.000 ish and... it contains both :) who doesnt love a good deal?
i have only tried this once but i will let you know how it is.. basically..
eyeliner doesnt really stay and the mascara was okay.. doesnt do anything on me but if you have an originally long eyelash then.. this shouldnt be a problem :)

The eyebrow pencil

i love their eyebrow pencil and the price was around RP 11000 only :) maybe i can find something else cheaper but this is cheap enough for me regarding their quality.
the texture is thick and velvety, soft and it glides on well and blend well.
with this pencil i believe you can use it both ways, to shape and create eyebrow if you have very thin and scarce eyebrow but if you have thick one, you can blend this into your eyebrow :)

The lipstick

here i have three example: normal lipstick, duo lipgloss and lipgloss&lipstick *yes this is how i call them*
with these three items, they have similarities which are good color pigmentation, moisturizes, and easy to apply :)
the prices: are around......... RP 50 000 ish * yes i realised i am not good with prices :( *
i always think the duo lipgloss or lipstick are a good deal and they give you the great combination :)
for the lipgloss, there are two colors where one is bold and bright while the other one is to toned it down, if you are brave enough to wear the bold one, then do so but if not, you can mix it :)
as for the lipstick-lipgloss combination the same principle applies, but you got two different products with this.. *thumbs up* 

my own conclusion:
- i love their prices, color pigmentation, texture that are soft and velvety or thick
- i dont really like the scent although it doesnt bother me that much
- the colors choice isnt wide and most of them are more towards the tanned with yellow undertone skin color :D

will i repurchase it?
- of course! yes! i will! price + quality thats all it matters :)



lina indrayanti said...

penasaran banget sama shimmering powdernya..sis,kalo buat highlight hasilnya oke juga gak?
and mascaranya waterproof gak sis?

theresia fweegy said...

jujur seh.. aku msh binun ama shimmering powdernya, mbak yg di counter blg utk finishing tp krn kulitku putih, itu g bisa jd finishing, akhirnya aku jadiin bronzer ato blush on hehehe hasilnya ya lumayan la.. productnya semuanya pigmented bngt :D and mascaranya ke aku sih semi waterproof itu jg krn aku ada oily eyelids and face -_-

Dewie Aprillia said...

murah bgd eyebrow pencilnya.!! Dlu aq beli 19rb

theresia fweegy said...

iyaaa murah2 dsono.. km beli dmn??