Monday, October 22, 2012


Another REVLON products hihi :P 
call me crazy but i love REVLON

- i bought this with my own money
- i am not being sponsored
- i am fine and found it comfortable to use this product
- this products works well on my but do a deep research first before purchasing, i will not be responsible for anything :P 

alright so... this item here is an eyeprimer + brightening
i have no idea what this does onto my eyes ahaha but i thought i give it a try and take a pic of the differences and let you all see :P

although i have a very bad sleeping cycle, i am thankful that i dont get under eye circle / dark circle on my eyebags but i do get puffy though around the eyes area. 

This product says it acts as a primer but i dont think it will work onto my eyelids because i have a very oily eyelids but oh well 

so i am trying this product as a brightening and concealer onto my eyes... but first the product

one bad thing about this is you have to twist the bottom part in order to get some of the product out and that took me like one minute to keep on twisting and that is considered long already compare to other products. It isnt that practical for me :P

the swatch well the color is 2 shades lighter than my skin tone and it has a slight pink undertone in it :)

so this is me before blending everything onto my face and pleaseeee ignore my oily skin as i told you i have a very oily skin...

after blending everything... you can see the one with the brightener is somehow.. bright haha ok that is the worst description ever! but yes you guys can see that the left side is actually whiter than the right side, and my semi under eye bag is better with the brightener 

my conclusion

it really shows and proven its purpose for brightening but i dont think i will use this as much because i am the type of person who doesnt use concealer :P but if you are looking for something to cover + brightens your eye area, this is one of the good product to go to if you are in a tight budget. i actually forgot the price but i think it was around RP 150.000 ish

til next time


MagdoLLenco Panjaitan said...

U know,its kinda easy to fall in love with your blog. U successfully made it simple but stil read-able. Not mention the amount of information u gave within a post.
Love ur blog :)

theresia fweegy said...

awww you are too sweet dear and thank you very much :) i try to be straight forward so that it is easy to understand :)

Vicky Hoang said...

this looks like a great highlighter.. maybe apply it to the bridge of your nose, cheek bones, under brow and the cupids bow! :) great review

theresia fweegy said...

@Vicky: hello! yes, i actually tried that but didnt really capture haha and it turned out great :D