Friday, October 19, 2012


i have never ever tried bb cream from a western brand. i put so much faith in the korean brand bb creams until one day i saw this in SOGO

- i bought this with my own money
- i am not being sponsored
- i am fine and found it comfortable to use this product
- this products works well on my but do a deep research first before purchasing, i will not be responsible for anything :P 

what caught my attention at first was the high SPF it has, SPF 50 BABY! well yeah it will be useless on me because i dont go out under the sun that much :P but still SPF 50 in a bb cream.

so the packaging. silver. metallic on the cap. very classy. i like it. the size isnt that huge and the cost was.. around rp 135000 ? around there :)

i love the pump/the tip of this packaging, it has a slightly pointy tip where it allows you to push out a smaller amount of product :) and of course it makes the product and the packaging clean :)

as for the colour, it is slightly lighter than a normal skintone but it is still in the warm skin undertone colour :) for an spf50 this items isnt that thick in texture as how i expect them to be but it doesnt help with my oily skin tho. Compare to the korean ones, i prefer the korean brands because i think the korean knows what they are doing. the coverage with this bb cream isnt as wonderful as the korean one :( about the scent, i forgot whether it has a scent or not but even if it does, it doesnt bother me because i know when a certain scent that is horrible for me, i will ramble about it first haha :P

will i purchase this product? nope i am most certainly wont purchase it :)

oh and.. i will be having a garage sale


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