Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Did i ever tell you have i have two primers at home?
I know that primers are to control the oil and to minimize the pores but somehow, the other primer is a big failure and until i tried this one.

before i start with my review please keep in mind that my skin has an extreme oil level compare to other people so if certain products work perfectly or maybe near to perfection in my own opinion, i have a huge feeling it will work on you but of course.. * read below*

alright so, i tried this item below not expecting alot from it actually 
so this primer is from Loreal, i got it because i was watching one of the beauty gurus and i forgot the name :P she was using this and she said it is good for oily skin so i went out and bought it :)

the packaging is alright, simple and easy to open :) the size is small around 4 cm in diameter.

the primer inside has a soft texture and it is thick and hard for a mousse-y kinda cream. it doesnt have any smell and i love the color, it is soft pastelly pink! it doesnt come with a spatula so rather unhygienic to apply because you need to put your fingers inside.

the texture feel heavy and thick but trust me! it is easy to blend!
after blending it, you can feel the skin is smoother.

here is my face before applying

to use a primer, you need to apply it only to the areas that are problematic but in my case it is the whole face.

blend it out and this is after, nothing really change but you can tell it is smoother 

so here it my face at 2 pm, still matte :) loving it!

here is at 4pm, slightly oily! only on the t zone area, cheek still rather matte!
oily on the nose * but hey, when is my nose ever matte? *

will i repurchase?
- maybe because i am looking for a better one :P but if there isnt, yes i would!

good side?
- oil control is 80% good
- doesnt smell

down side?
- small jar :( & packaging, because we have to dip our finger in to get the primer , it would be better if it comes in a tube and you just have to squeeze it :p

when it comes to the price, i really have forgotten about it :s sorry :(


Beatrix Oktaviani said...

whoooaaa the first time you use it, it looks so matte and smooth! :D

theresia fweegy said...

yeap! thats what primers supposed to do hehehe