Thursday, October 25, 2012



alright, so when i attended a Lancome Friendly Duel Makeup last time we received a few samples and i  thought it will be good if i tried it out and see how it is.
Lancome was my very first high-end mascara :P so i am very excited to be able to do a review on their new mascara :)

so enough talking, here is the sample packaging, the reason why i love sample sizes, i can take them whenever i travel :) small tiny and handy!

i love the brush/wand because i think this type of wand can be use for upper and lower lash line and it will get to that tiny lashes because of the small size of the brush at the tip.

they do make my eyelashes look longer :) 

so here is an experiment :)

AT 2 PM, somehow it smudge a little on the left side

smudge on the right side too

smudge is still the same but somehow it smudge a little bit more downwards 

overall conclusion:
- the mascara is alright
- if you dont touch your eyes, it is smudge proof :)
- make the eyelashes longer
- easy to take off :)

will i repurchase?
- nope sadly i wont because i dont think it is waterproof or smudge-proof on me especially on my oily eyelids and face :( i think because it is easy to take off hence the formula isnt for a stronger waterproof mascara



Tia said...

yep, this didn't work well on mine too, fweegy.

I guess, it's like what Ci Carnellin said to me, maybe it's because this is sample size, so the formula is different..

but isn't it sad, even the sample can't satisfy us, how could we buy the normal size then?


theresia fweegy said...

@Tia: padahal dolo aku suka ama lancome lho.. mascaranya bagus! lupa yg mana.. tp.. masa sample formulanya di bedain ama yg real... kalo samplenya gini.. org kan pasti mikir normal sizenya sama.. hahaha aku hampir mau beli yg normal size haha untung dah coba dl samplenya