Wednesday, October 3, 2012


For every girl, majority of us love to carry a handbag, big, medium or small and inside that handbag we will have at least one beauty items thats a must for us. 
I am a girl who brings a huge handbag haha and inside my bag i have to have my wallet, phone, keys , usb *in case if you are wondering why, i am a graphic designer so my usb is half of my life*, my medicine pouch *yes i do get sick easily* and my makeup pouch.

back then ages ago i used to love bringing unnecessary items like i would bring 3 lipstick, 2 eyeshadow, 2 blush etc2 and that made my bag so heavy and the worst thing is, i barely use them haha and i dont want to be shorter than i already am :) so i decided to take my makeup pouch out and reorganized it!

i started to think on my daily needs like when i go out what do i use the most?
so here inside my pouch i have:
- my blotting paper
- my powder
- chapstick
- lipstick 
- blush on
- eyeshadow
- eyebrow pencil
- hair serum
- body mist
- nail file
-nail clipper
- hair tie and clip
- a small jar of lotion

sounds alot eh? but trust me it wont be when you know how to pack them.
always buy them in a small packaging or buy a small container and pour them into it :)

i need my blotting paper + powder + chapstick + eyebrow pencil everyday! as i have a very oily skin, bald eyebrow and dry lips :( 
as for the blush on i pick the cream blush from max factor because of the colour and the size that is petite enough to be fit into my makeup pouch :) 
i choose a neutral eyeshadow that can be used for contouring and highlight too
and lipstick, i pick a colour that will work well both day and night and as for the lipgloss is just there when i want my lips to be glossy and pinky :)

i got this plastic case that i used for my make up pouch from this store called STROBERI for only rp 6500 if i am not wrong :)

then i have my hair clip and hair tie which is a must for me. You guys probably wonder why i have a nail file and nail clipper haha thats because i have rough edges around my nails and that bother me alot! as for the nail file i also cant stand the chip looking and feeling of my nails, i prefer to have my nail smooth shaped. 
my hair serum is there incase i forgot to put them on my scalp, body mist + a small jar of lotion is just to make myself smell fresh incase if i want to meet people in a sudden

so i hope this helps for you who wants to lighten the weight of your handbag :D



13vyl said...

pretty well prepared there, with the hair serum and nail file. :)

how's the maxfactor cream blush on an oily skin? i'd love to try it if it stays on for decent hours. :D

theresia fweegy said...

hey! i follow ur twitter! salam kenal hahaha
cream blush.. is ok.. cuz i apply it super lightly haha and i barely use it though.. hanya utk wktu2 trtntu aja.. lebih suka ke lipstick haha iya hair serum n nail file.. hari serum krn rambutku rontok n srg lupa pake, nail file aku ga suka aja klo kukunya ga rata haha :P