Monday, October 29, 2012


another review! oh yeah! oh boy... you wanna know my first impression looking, seeing and thinking of this product right here? bad quality, wont work well on my skin and just bleah *thumbs down*

boy i was wrong! there i admit it.
This product here is ... my holy grail

i dont remember why did i buy this? i think it was because, i wanted to try the brand's product so i buy every single category haha crazy much? but i love testing new products and see how they work on my skin :P 

okay enough chattering, packaging wise.. hmm i like it because it is small and handy, i dont like it because it is rather hard for me to squeeze. i also think the volume isnt much.. :( but with the price that cost around.. *again i forgot this is just my estimation* RP 7.000 which is.. GOOD i shouldnt complain about the volume actually haha :D
i think it has a scent but again i dont remember the scent so that means the scent is subtle and doesnt bother me :)

i didnt think i will like this foundation much because, cmon people, look at the color on my hand.. i have a fair skin, and look at how dark the color is.. but the good thing is, the texture is soft, it is lightweight and very easy to blend!

now i am going to show you.. how magical and amazing this product is..
so here is my face with some moisturizer.. haha

there my face with some of the foundation * it looks lighter in the picture*

then i blend it away with my sponge.... 
voila! look how flawless my skin is!
but it only has medium coverage.. 

what happen if i want to add another layer to hide my acne?
my camera totally sucks and doesnt do its justice much but hopefully from the 2nd picture below, you can see how fair my neck is and dark my face is haha but the acne is somewhat being covered though

*if you are wondering how to balance this dark color, i use a powder that is lighter than my skin tone, just one shade lighter*

here is a test to see how long it last.. *i get ready at 10am*

12PM - oily starting on the nose area only, cheek still matte

2PM- slightly oily on the cheek & forehead, oily on the nose area

4PM- oily on the nose area, more slightly on the cheek but not as bad as the nose

it has been 6 hours and the skin on my face is 80% matte :) which is good on my face condition !

alright.. so conclusion:

- lightweight
- easy to blend
- low cost / pocket friendly
- medium coverage
- scent is alright
- it actually 80% makes my skin matte
- it takes longer for the oil to come out compare to my other foundation

- the packaging is rather hard for me to squeeze
- not many color choices

will i repurchase?
- yes!!! totally i will repurchase!

Saturday, October 27, 2012



so.... fall is here, well not here in Indonesia but here on the other side of the world. i wish we have fall/winter here :P but anyway, there is nothing wrong for following the trend so fall trend is none other than a dark color lipstick/gloss and i am addicted to them although i dont have the guts to wear them but i do buy them. is that weird? haha well no that is wasting money haha

so i have gathered all of the dark color lipstick/gloss that are my fave and i do wear some of them :)

so here we have:
(l-r) revlon colorburst lipgloss in 016, lancome l'absolu rouge in 380, nyx matte in tea rose, make over in rum raisin

The texture for this revlon lipgloss is wonderful for me :) it is thick and pigmented but it also moisturizes my lips. I dont think it has any smell which is good :P 

The texture on Lancome is alright, smooth and not that pigmented but this is good for those of who you who arent that brave enough to wear dark colors, you can layer this color or just apply a darker lipgloss ontop

Nyx matte lipstick, the color is matte but bold, it doesnt look bold and dark but when i apply it onto my lips, the color shows some how a dark soft purple plum color :)

this is my fave! remember my 1920S LOOK? this is the lipstick i wore :P
alright why i love this? pigmented and moisturizes of course! it also the color! just perfect :P

here are the swatches! some of you may think the 2 colors in the middle isnt dark at all but for some reason, when it applied onto my lips, it looks darker. The reason why i put them inside is for some of you isnt daring enough to wear dark red lipstick, these 2 color are for alternative where you can layer it up with revlon bordeux on top :)


these two items, are very moisturizing *the same as for the round lipstick from NYX* but i love how pigmented they are and the scent is just subtle for me :) i dont really have any complaints for these. 

then we have REVLON COLORBURST LIPSTICK in soft rose and raspberry

yes these two looks the same because they are just one tone different :)
i love the colorburst range because i felt that they are the dupe for mac, not all but some :)
again, texture is smooth, long lasting and pigmented :)

last but not least my fave lip butters!
these: moisturize + pigmented 
what more can i ask for?
long lasting? it is as long as you dont wipe your lips :)

what you guys didnt know is.. if you ask me a qs like " i want to wear something red and dark but i am not brave enough to wear them, what should i do?

well my friend, personally and my own opinion, you can always go for these lip butters! apart from being moisturizing *which is super good on your lips especially lips like mine*, the colors is pigmented *for a lip butter/balm it is though* and the best thing is, you can layer it up! so if you feel comfortable at a certain layer of colors, leave it but if you want more add them up! 

the colors are:
 top picture-raspberry pie, berry smoothie, macaroon
bottom picture- sugar plum, red velvet

see how the colors are visible seeing and knowing they are basically lip balm :) and the price? RP 75000. * I REMEMBER ! YAY*

hope you enjoy this post and these are all my face brand and products :) i hope they are yours too!

Friday, October 26, 2012


hola hola!

*hawaian dance*

wish i could go to hawaii... sigh*

alrighty then lovers!
did i tell you about my stupidity of using my sister's camera but i dont have the cable for it haha so.. no video tutorial.. :'( sowwie...

but no worries, this look is very easy to get :) as you all know i am all about simplicity
anddddd.... i will write down here right now all the things you need.. but before that, i got my inspiration from bubzbeauty :) check her youtube out!

so this is for you girls.. or guys who prefer to look "pretty" and neat on halloween *sadly for me, i wont be doing anything :p*

what you need:
1. foundation & powder in white color (dolls are known for their flawless skin)
2. concealer (just to cover blemishes and spots so if your face is clean you dont need this)
3. eyebrow pencil
4. eyeshadow in brown neutral color for your crease
5. white eyeshadow
6. pink blush on
7. pink lipstick
8. fake eyelashes (optional)
9. liquid eyeliner
10. white eyeliner
11. mascara

how to get this look?
1. as usual, apply the foundation & powder all over your face and blend it well :)
2. shape and fill in your eyebrow
3. apply the white eyeshadow onto your eyelids and apply the brown color to create that crease and of course, blend it well!
4. apply your white eyeliner on the bottom waterline
5. apply the black liquid eyeliner on top of the lash line
6. apply the mascara
7. apply the false lashes
8. apply the blush on onto the apples of your cheeks
9. apply the pink lipstick
10. take the liquid eyeliner, create all the cracks onto your face :D

tada you are done!
as for the hair, you can create it into doll styles, i didnt because i am far from good with hair styles and for the clothes, you can wear something dolly look with laces, pastelly colors, collars, skirts, big bows etc :)

ps: i know this is far from perfect as halloween or theatrical makeup isnt my forte 

so hope you enjoy your halloween!


holaaaa! another REVLON review haha
i am obsessed with Revlon!

so i bought these two range from Singapore because i have been wanting them but they were sold out in states so i was soooo up high on cloud nine when i saw these and of course with no hesitation i grab them and went to the cashier to purchase :P

if you probably think.. hmm why cream foundation when i have an oily skin? 
well you see i am a type of person who will give it a try even when i knew or heard or read people giving them bad review because it might not work for them but works on me or vice versa :P
and as the powder, i have a strong faith that it will be good since the color stay foundation is my holy grail of drugstore so... i know this wont disappoint me!

so here it the jar... as for the powder it is slightly.. bad.. like it looks so.. cheap but as for the foundation, i do love the glass packaging but! it is very unhygienic because it doesnt come with a foundation spoon or applicator so... either i dip my finger in, or get a spare applicator or buy a new one or maybe apply the whole jar onto my face haha but yes that is the downside..

i do love how practical this powder packaging is..

with 2 compartments in a packaging, it actually saves alot of space :D
smart move Revlon!

the pigmentation and texture are also good, this picture is done with one swipe :D

see the cream foundation.. this is what i mean.. i need to be careful and neat with this one

the texture is creamy well hence the name whipped cream foundation.. but somehow it has a good pigmentation because of its thickness

so here we go with a little experiment.. this is me and my face without any foundation apart from the dots haha you guys can see my huge red pimples on my chin and cheek...

after the foundation.. tada!
pimples are hidden!
i fall in love with this foundation already!
i love the coverage of this.. i must say this has a good and high coverage :)

and this is after the powder.. my skin is rather matte :P

so.. i will sneak some picture of me getting ready on my daily basis :P

tada! i am done and the time was 1pm :P

so lets see the process of oil excretion on my face... 

my face is glowing! love it :P 

starting to get oily only on the nose but that is normal for me :)

my face was starting to get oily at 7pm 

and at 10pm.. i am at home! now it is oily but if i do blotted my face then i will only need one time to blotted which is good!


love it!
- high coverage
- it turned out that it doesnt make my skin oily for a good 6 hours!
(if i do blotted it, then a good whole of 9 hours)
- not that pricey
- no scent!
- lightweight

- the packaging