Wednesday, September 19, 2012


i am pretty sure you guys are not a stranger when it comes to me + bb cream. yeap i love bb cream! whats there not to love? it moisturize your skin, it has spf, and the best part is it covers all the blemishes you have! 

but different brand has different finish on my face and from all the brands i have tried, yeap, im not gonna go and upload and talk about every single one of them but if you are curious to know about a certain brand, leave a comment and i will do a review for you ;)

yes in Tony Moly, they have a wide range of bb cream but i chose this one, why? hmm probably when i was doing my research this particular items appear the most and it says for oily skin go for the blue one but who to know that this product is the worst bb cream i ever try. but i think i am gonna try and buy another bb cream from there haha

this is the packaging, i love it actually simple and small and thin! it saves alot of space.

when you open it, the pump or the top of the tube is very convenient as i am the type of person who loves to control the amount of items so that it doesnt go to waste

the colour of this bb cream is almost the same as our skin colour * because there are bb creams in with grey undertone* thats one good thing about this

so why do i found this bb cream is a failure for me?

as you all know i have a very super duper extreme oily skin and it is hard for me to find products that will mattify my skin although there are a few haha ok back to this product so i tested it, and my skin got oily within 1 hours. Now i thought to myself, was the coverage bad? no it wasnt. when i apply this first, it is like other bb cream, a goof full coverage. Is it because of the SPF? well.. if it is cause by the spf 30 it has, the why does my Lioelli bb cream works wonder on my skin? i have no idea.. but one major thing i didnt like about this bb cream is how fast my oily can get compare to my other bb cream :( well, i cant complain much though because the price is also cheaper compare to the other. i think it was rp 99000

any recommendation for another brand of bb cream?



Shasha said...

I have this BB cream too~ and It works quite good on my oily face. I think it works different for me and you ha5 Btw, nice review :)
Salam kenal ya~

Fweegie said...

iya harusnya sih bekerja ke oily skin maka itu aku beli haha kykna sih kulit aku aja over oily dah kyk frying pan --" salam kenal jugaaa! :D

Rosdiana said...

I don't knoe much abt asian product bb cream. All i know is smash box bb cream haha but i seriously do not like the packaging! It looks so cheap.

Fweegie said...

@rosdiana i somehow prefer the korean product range when it comes to bb cream i dont know why though but again i also felt the western brand works the same? hahaa my skin still gets oily :( bleah

geralyn bansay said...

try bb cream cat winks of tony moly.. but this product (dear me) i actually used it, and it feels good to my skin..