Monday, September 17, 2012


hello love!
alright. so for some of you, you guys know my deepest lustful love for REVLON. It could be their face products, lipstick, cheeks, eyeshadow, eyebrow, gosh name it all, i love them all :D

so, the story was... i always knew i have an oily skin and sometimes acne prone, i used to go to clinics for my skin care and makeup (foundation & powder) because i feared if i used other products, my skin will get worse.

i forgot how many clinics i have tried, but the last one is Erha. 

no i am not gonna bash or talk poop upon Erha, in fact, i do quite enjoy my 1 hour journey to Erha, i love their interior, i love their process, and everything. i gotta say, Erha is fancy. well the most fancy clinic i ever been to. Their acne lotion/moisturizer/meds are good, gives your skin a silky smooth look but what happen when you decided to stop cuz you know your skin is glowing? well hello pimples and everything before. yeap thats right! once you stop, all the pimples came out haha so it is kinda an addiction you know, keep on going back there. If you dont mind spending loads of money there, well then ur lucky, but i dont, i want to spend my money where i can see it is worth it so in this case, it is like spending money for nothing. Oh! the foundation! how can i forgot, so yes i did bought my foundation there and it made my face looks like a greasy ball within an hour, and the powder, it is fine but i am fine with any powder. So i decided to get out from there, did my own research on moisturizer, facial cleanser and foundation.

It takes a long time and money but i know the money i spent isnt as great as the ones in clinics and when i look for foundation, moisturizer and powder, i started with drugstore items first.

so long story short, i feel that REVLON works well on me. I am addicted to them and i keep on going back!

Here i  have 3 foundation that i bought from REVLON.

it is very easy to choose the colour for my skin, just pick the lightest/fairest colour they have haha :P

so packaging wise:

colourstay- i love the front packagin, looks very expensive especially with the glass bottle and a black cap.

airbrush mousse- hmmm i am okay with this.. the "body" of the bottle is.. plastic-y, the cap is transparant

photoready- i am also okay with this although the body of the bottle is from glass but i guess it is the shape haha silly me 

so when you open the caps:

photoready has a pump which is good! love foundation with a pump on it, it makes it easier for me to control the amount of foundie i want to use :)

but sadly, it is still messy :S or it is just prob me haha a messy person i am

so some little sample onto my hand, see i told you how much i love this pump, i can just pour a tiny bit onto my hand ;D

and when i swipe it, rather thick compare to the other 2, and people says it has shimmer and it does but you really cant see it so no problemo for me :)
surprisingly enough, for an oily skin like me, somehow it did control my oil slightly.. SLIGHTLY! haha but it is a love hate relastionship with this one here :)

you see when it comes to mousse, it found it so difficult to control the amount you want to use but here it is the look of the pump

messy eh?

i was trying to control the amount but look how much it came out!

looks thick?
oh honey! dont let this fool you haha i thought that this product will be thick but no! when you apply it onto your face, it is actually a medium coverage. So if you have a normal skin and would love to have a dewy and natural look, go for this one. If you have an oily skin like mine... i suggest.. dont because it is simply wont hold your skin matte. You need to prepare blotting paper for this one. As for dry skin, i have no idea on how it will turn out, so if you have a dry skin and tried this product before, do let me know :)

colourstay, i hate the cap! there is no pump! hahaha

basically to use this, you gotta be super careful and pour them onto the back of your hand * you need to shake it well so the liquid inside is all mix*

see what happen when you dont shake it.. haha

overall, I LOVE THIS PRODUCT AND WONT MIND REPURCHASING THIS AGAIN! it stays matte on my skin almost 12 hours! but one bad thing: the plasticy strong scent!

but hey! whats a scent compare to a good flawless dewy skin!

so conclusion:
for an oily skin people like me, from these three, just splurge on colourstay foundation but make sure you choose for the oily skin ones :) i hope it works on you!
the price? in rupiah it is RP 115.000 if i am not mistaken 
pricey for a drugstore product but still! THE FINISH LOOK IS AWESOME!



stefanie-bee said...

Thx ya buat reviuw nya..dr kmrn lg mikir2 mau beli apa tdk... Oh ya hargana brp ya? Lupa kmrn d kai tau spg nya ^^

Fweegie said...

hello! mnrtku sih revlon baguss hhe harganya.. aku jg lupa.. im so bad with numbers... hikz.. mentok 150rb deh hehehe smg membantu :)

Kiky Utami said...

aku punya yang photoready nya ^^
I love it,, kalo menurut aku coveragenya sip! Ngebantu banget nutupin break out nya aku skg =.= hiks,,

Fweegie said...

hai Kiky! aku suka semuanya seh ahaha nutupin acne aku jg hehehe malah aku pgn coba th foundation dr revlon yg utk super oily skin tp blm sempet keluar :(