Tuesday, September 4, 2012


so this is long overdue, sorry guys, been hectic with my design which is good *THANK YOU LORD* but i am back today * before finishing up the other project later* 

I never ever find the PERFECT moisturizer before and i think this specific moisturizer deserve a whole post on my blog :) as you all have read my previous review *boo* i have a very oily and sensitive skin. I do try to find a moisturizer to keep my skin matte but then again I always thought keeping the skin matte while you have an oily skin is not a good idea because, you are closing and clogging your skin from breathing. Can you imagine being breathless? wouldn't want that happen onto my skin :) 

How do i choose my moisturizer? hmm this is kinda hard, of course i research but most of the product that they show arent available in here :( and also, i dont believe in splurging on an expensive product because i tried once, it irritated my skin. so no more! i decided to narrow my research into drugstore products. There are alot of brands and you have to research one by one *told ya long and in depth research* i ended up with LOREAL, OLAY, PONDS, CLEAN&CLEAR, SARIAYU and trust me i did purchased each single one of them ;D *call me crazy*

so tried them one by one.. only OLAY WHITE RADIANCE lingered in my heart.

here is the look of the jar. classy. elegant. simple and shiny! I have them in day and night. 

look at the reflection of the light! loving this.

this is what it looks like, this is the morning moisturizer. The texture is soft, it has a soft scent *i am so bad in describing scent*, it has a soft peachy pink colour, it blends in well, although the cream is kinda thick, and if you have oily skin like me, just apply a pea size all over your face and spread it all over your face. the reason why it is slightly thick and creamy is because this moisturizer has spf 24! 

this is the night cream, the colour is slightly different, it is more to white ivory than the morning one. The purpose for this moisturizer at night is to restore all the nutrients, cells, you know all those good things your skin needs after a long day. this is slightly lighter compare to the morning one because this doesnt have spf. It also has slightly the same smell to the morning moisturizer one and also! just apply a pea size for the whole face :) way to save alot of money! liking it!

see the different? the cream on top is the night one, bottom the morning one.

left- night cream, right- morning cream
do you see the different? morning one is slightly thicker.

after a few blend. the bottom one is the morning one :) the top- night cream.

overall conclusion:
I LOVEEEEEEEEE THIS! yes i know it doesnt help with the oil on my skin but hey! there is no way to stop your skin from being oily, okay maybe there is but i aint taking a risk on my face, infact being oily is good, a natural moisturizer! all you need is blotting paper and some powder to matte-fy your skin! This moisturizer is for white radiance so i believe for whitening the skin, i dont see that since i have a pretty fair skin so i dont think this will do anything on my skin at all haha but i do realised that my skin has gotten more "cleaner" , softer and you know radiant! *hence the name, duh feegy*  it doesnt break me out, doesnt irritate my skin and the spf!

will i repurchase this? YES A THOUSAND TIMES YES! works so frggginnn good on my skin. * sorry guys i am just happy*

will i recommend this? well it works well on me, a person who has oily and sensitive skin, if you are daring enough, why not!

this is perfection in a jar!



chepips said...

How much is this and where did you buy it?

theresia fweegy said...

@chepips: i got this.. at a drugstore here hehe but you can find it at supermarket too! the price, i forgot :( will let you know if i saw them :)

Suzuran スズラン said...

aku bingung deh kak
d store ada yg jual dgn wadah putih sama yg kaka review disini
itu sama aja atau gmn sih kak

Anonymous said...

Got my Olay White Radiance day cream today. Excited to try it out. :)