Tuesday, September 25, 2012


hello how are you? ;) 
hope you have a great day

so i know these items here down below arent out yet and i asked my cousin to buy me all of the colors they have but sadly, she came back and gave me three since they are all sold out. *hey it is better than nothing right?*

so i heard alot of good things about these babies so finally after i got my hands on them.. first, i love the colour *although i am not a big fan of eyeshadow* i love all neutral colors actually :P

here is the packaging, sturdy and made of glass, i like it :)

the colors that i got were:




Here are the colors:


isnt that lovely? i love it!
i love the texture, when you apply it from the jar, it seems hard but it is actually not, it is so smooth when you apply it onto your eyes, which is a good thing, you dont want to have eyeshadow that is super hard to be put onto your eyelids otherwise you'd be stretching the eyes too much. So packaging wise: love it, unbreakable and good durability. Texture: smooth mousse-y like texture that glides on well onto your eyelids. Color: good pigmentation. The picture above is taken with one 2 swipes on the eyeshadows. 

so whats the best thing about this product other than what i have mention above?
I LOVE how long it stays on my eyes * knowing i have a very oily eyelids* so with a good primer and this eyeshadow, you are bound to have a good and beautiful day * ok way to extreme* i mean like you know your eyeshadows that enhanced your beautiful eyes are there, sitting there not smudging all over your eyes and working their colors to compliments your face for almost 12 hours will make you feel gorgeous and confident! well at least thats how i feel :D

so do let me know if these items are coming, i will buy them in every color!



Rosdiana said...

Lol yes this is a MUST item. I LOVE THEM. Have every colors even the special edition. Everybody should own one.

LeeViaHan said...

ada warna lainnya kah slain itu ,??


theresia fweegy said...

@ROS: yeapp! i wantttt jugaaa... gosh if they have it here, i will buy every single color haha

@LEEVIA: ada say.. banyak tp di indo blm msk.. g tau msk ato kg neh :( hihi salam kenal i follow ur blogg yaa

Priska Siagian said...

Love this product! too bad i only got the "tough as taupe". :(

which one is your current fave?


theresia fweegy said...

@priska: i love the taupe color ones :P

lina indrayanti said...

Wah pengen juga nih,must have item
Newbie nih
Thanks all

Monic said...

ada di counter di indo kah??

salam kenal ya btw^^

stefanie-bee said...

Wahhh aku kepengen bgt..sayang blum msk indo ya, kalo ada mau ya d kabari aku ^^

theresia fweegy said...

@Lina: hey! salam kenal!
@monic: ini blm msk indo :( aku titip tmn hihi salam kenal!
@ steph: yeapp i will kabari u :D tp ga tau neh kapan msk indonya... --"

@all: follow twitterku yaa @museswonderland

wei goddess said...

aw...I love this one, I want to have this, but this one isn't available in indonesia, hiks...I hate pre-order..so I think I just gonna wait for this one ready in Indonesia..
thank you for sharing

theresia fweegy said...

@Wei: yes! i totally hate pre-order hahaha i will also be waiting for them to arrive :)