Tuesday, September 4, 2012


hello my beautiful people. guess what?! my ac is broken again bleh. i think i need a new one but aside from that, i feel the urge to write a review on this specific product range. I know these are only the gel & moisturizer since i didn't buy the facial cleanser and toner. Thank God i didn't because these products are a MAJOR FAILURE! well good for you if this products work, you don't know how i wish and hoping these would work on my skin

Alrighty then, where should i began? As you all may or may not know that i promise myself to take a goo care of my skin more so i always believe in a good moisturizer so there were the days and probably up until now i am in a mission to search for the best moisturizer.  Then i found these! when i hear Loreal carry the brand Lancome, i thought wow! they must be good! BOY WAS I WRONG.

Here is the look of their lid. simple. i love it. i actually love their packaging :)

This is the front look of their jar. the green one i believe is the serum *thats what the sales person told me* and the right one in white is the moisturizer.

As you guys can see both jar are still full and i only use them once. wonder why?

I have taken a few sample from the jar and apply them onto my hand for you all to see :)

So why didnt it work on me? I have an oily and sensitive skin, i did my research and i found that these break people out but then again i thought to myself, this is me i am different so it MIGHT work on me. There i was walking in the mall searching for this specific range of product, i wanted to buy the cleanser and toner but somehow i didnt. 

I apply the green one because the sales person told me to apply the green one then the moisturizer, she said that the green one is the serum in a gel form. So i followed as i was told, it was fine, it is gel-ish, has a cooling effect and a minty scent. Although i am not a big fan of mint but somehow i didnt mind the scent. Some people said that the gel form is actually the dupe for clinique. I agree though because they look the same *clinique moisture surge*. So, when i apply this, my face was okay but the gel was making my skin rather sticky.

Once the gel had dried out, i apply the moisturiser and guess what? I CAN FEEL A WHOLE BURNING SENSATION ON MY WHOLE FACE ESPECIALLY ON MY NOSE AND CHIN. The scent is minty but the texture is slightly thick compare to the gel and it has also a cooling effect. The side effect from these.. on my skin *aside the burning sensation* it irritated my skin, leaved my skin dried, patchy and red. It last for a week and up until today, my skin is still dry. 

How did i treated the effect on my skin? i seriously have no idea on how to treat these effect but i use my normal moisturizer and im praying hard my face is back to normal.

Will i repurchase this? HECK NO. infact i wanted to give it away so if you want, tell me. giving them for free but of course you gotta pay for the delivery :)

Will i recommend this? i am not sure since it worked like poop on my skin but if you use this product and you have an amazing skin! i envy you! but if some of you have a sensitive skin, dont bother to purchase, dont bother to even look at this, dont bother to even think of this :P otherwise you will end like me, dryness and patches on my face. sucks. but if you are daring enough, why not? 


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