Tuesday, September 18, 2012


This product right here deserve a spot on my blog!
by now, you are familiar on my obsession on bb cream right?
not only it moisturizes, it has spf but it also has a great coverage that covers all of my blemishes :) yayy

i was ecstatic when i heard this brand had finally arrived and open its store in jakarta! trust me as soon as i found out, i went there to buy this particular item! and guess what?! it was worth it! well i did buy a powder together with this bb cream and i think it cost RP 500.000 ish and i got free goodies, if i am not mistake it was.. cotton pad, make up remover wipes and 2 eyeshadows :)

okay enough rambling, why do i love this product?
it is simply because it makes my skin stay matte almost 6 hours! and this is a miracle when it comes to bb cream knowing they have spf. So if you have an oily skin like me * my skin is basically a greasy pan* you can give this a try. I wonder do they have a small tester/sample at the booth? hmm

so the packaging, hmm so-so, normal but i love the pinky theme on it :) and the curly ornament on the logo :) makes it so girly

yeap it is all in korean and i dont understand korean haha

so when you open the cap, it has a pump but! one tiny imperfection from this product, the cap! it is so close the tip of the pump so whenever you push out the product and there are some left on the pump, as soon as you put the cap on, the product will smear inside the cap.. :( 

again with the colour of the cream, to die for! ok a little to extreme hahah but i am a sucker for bb cream with skin tone undertone :) and this one blends so well with my skin!

will i purchase this again? OH HECK YES I WILL! but i gotta wait til everything finish though because currently, i am so in love with this i barely even wanna use it :P 

with the price i think it is worth it :) i will let you know if i found a lower cost but marvelous bb cream :)

leave a comment if you have any qs or i did miss anything out :P


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