Monday, September 17, 2012


i am not sure whether this product has enter Indonesia yet or not, if they do let me know please!

so i got this item from my cousin, i actually asked her to buy all the shades they have but she only manage to get me one as the others were sold out! amazing eh? so i wonder why is this item so famous?!

when i saw this, it straight away reminds me of the Clinique Chubby stick but with the clinique ones, i personally dont like them. It is just that they dont have a wider colour choices and when i apply it onto my lips, the colour just doesnt compliment my whole look :(

alright so moving on.. the packaging is similar to Clinique and i have no problem with that :) i actually love this one more because somehow it is cuter :) and handy

 when i open the cap, i can smell slightly a minty scent and i am okay with that because it isnt strong * i dont like minty scent or feel especially onto my face* and when i apply it onto my lips, it has a cooling effect that last for a few seconds and of course the minty scent still lingers there :)

i am glad my cousin got me this shade because i am a sucker for everything pink (soft and natural) so when i apply it onto my lips, it has moisturizer and it moisturizes my chapped lips * i thought it is just a lip tint but boy was i wrong! haha * since this is just a lipbalm, i think it has given a great colour onto the first layer on my lips, because there is a slight colour on my lips and as i layer it up, it builds up the colour and i love the brighter pink!

sorry my camera doesnt do its justice :( i certainly need a new one too 

i think this product is a great combo : perfect colour pigmentation & moisturizes. i am certainly will purchase this again so i am waiting for this items to be sold over here!



Beatrix Oktaviani said...

i heard this is the dupe of clinique chubby stick. ga punya dua duanya sih aku hahaha nice blog!

Fweegie said...

yeap totally the dupe ;) kalo ini dah keluar di indo aku mau borong hahaha :P

Rosdiana Rose said...

The color fies complement your lip n look so yea i can totally see why u like this. Have u ever try tarte? If no, oh man, u should! They are the BOMB for chubby stick!

Fweegie said...

nope no tarte here :( even the revlon isnt available here bleahh. i heard about the tarte ones, ive been thinkin on how to get them hahaha