Saturday, September 29, 2012


alrighty lovely!

there are times when i get confused between a make up remover wipes and cleansing wipes. i sound so dumb haha but yes yes i know make up remover is to remove make up but the thing is, on cleansing wipes, it will also say to cleanse make up, waterproof eyeliner etc2.

so when my curiosity hits me, i just had to buy and tested them out :P

so here i bought 3 cleansing wipes

body shop vit e cleansing wipes, mitu shikada for oily skin & mustika ratu herbal facial wipes

i did tested them out, yes each single one of them :) so here is what i think and before i start, i am not being paid or sponsor or whatever because i purchase these with my own money, my own choice and my own risk. so this is just my opinion on them, might work on me and might not work on you :)


so this is the packaging, i love it just cause it is pink :D and huge! it cost around RP 65.000 if i am not mistaken, i am very bad with numbers. very simple and elegant design and layout.

just like any normal wipes packaging, it has the sticker to lift and cover the tissue. so i think packaging wise is clear and now, when i open this, i actually can smell the scent * i think my nose is just sensitive* and honestly i hate the smell! it smells horrible more like a medicine kinda smell. But ignore the smell, i hope this products will work on me seeing that this is the most expensive ones but... no it doesnt work. It irritates my skin and basically it gives a burning feeling on my face.
i dont think this is gentle at all on me but then again, i dont work well with TBS... although i wish i can wear all of their products.


so the packaging, similar to the body shop but this one is smaller and contains on 10 sheets and the price.. i think it is around RP 9000 correct me if im wrong, as i told you i am very bad with numbers. haha but alright, so when i open it, the smell isnt that bad compare to the body shop but! i hate the texture of the wipes. it is harder than a tissue and when you open the wipes wipe, you actually can hear it being open like it has this "crsh" noise and kinda stiff, i dont think it has a gentle texture on my face and it also irritates slightly.


lastly, i think this is my faves out of these three. so packaging wise, same as the prev ones and this one contains more than 10 wipes haha the wipes has soft texture compare to the other two, it has a soft and gentle smell and it doesnt irritate my skin ;) 

did it lift up the make up? all of them do but not as good as an actual make up removal wipes but these arent a proper make up removal wipes i think this is more to the... "facial wash on the go" haha perfect for traveling on long journey though :)

will i purchase this again? NO, not because they irritate my skin but thats my second reason haha but basically i dont see the important or the point of having them :) i think cleansing milk and facial foam work better but if you are the type of person loves to travel, this will come in handy :)



Sherly said...

Maybe this is weird, I've tried some wipes too. But for me the best is still the MITU sensitive. Yeah the baby butt wipes!!! Beside its harmless for baby skin so it should be ok for me, I guess. Haha. Its non alcohol and not hurting and it wipes lots of dirt. Plus its very cheap and come in handy! :D

theresia fweegy said...

@sherly: yeah yg itu i havent tried haha wanted to try though but i was scared :P but will try now cuz i am curious now :P

Ririe Prameswari said...

I got skin irritation after using TBS gentle facial cleansing wipes :(
It feels like my eyes are burning and my face become red and hot like on fire!

I won't use TBS products anymore :'(