Monday, September 24, 2012


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i know with all my heart it is annoying to have an oily skin, because not only it makes you look like you havent washed your face for a decade but it is pretty troublesome to keep on re-touching your skin and make up, or maybe it is just me who hates doing that? :P there are times when i wish i can buy a product that keep my skin matte!

and so after a long journey of researching, trying, experimenting and of course spending a whole lot of good amount of money... i have narrowed it down the items that works almost 100% well on my skin.
When i say almost, these items are actually do help my face and skin to keep matte the whole day with only one or twice using blotting paper * i think that is good enough*

so here i have made it clear and easy for you to view :)

these items here:
- i am not being sponsored
-i paid with my own money
-i choose the products
- i have tested them and some are my faves! 

They work on me but MIGHT NOT work on you *so please do a deep research on each of the items as i wont be responsible for any incident*

1. Olay Natural White (all in one fairness day cream)
i had finished my Olay white radiance day&night cream and they work wonder on my face so i think it is the time to try something new and of course, i wont change to other brand as Olay works well on my skin. This moisturizer is made for oily skin, i love the texture *although it looks thick* when you apply it onto your face, it is lightweight and smells good!

2. Lancome Teint Miracle foundation
Believe it or not, this was my very first foundation i ever bought, i was looking and researching for a foundation for oily skin and i thought to myself if it is a foundation, splurge on it because it is for your face where people will be looking at you. So i came down and decided to buy this item, and i have no regret at all! it is lightweight and great coverage! it stays matte on my skin for a whole good 5-6 hours. As when it comes to price, it is pricey but it is worth it for me :)

3. Revlon Color Stay foundation
Now, here is a product from a drugstore. Well i know we dont call it here :P but yes i have called this drugstore foundation and seriously guys, go out now and buy this! it stays matte on your skin almost the whole day! trust me, i am a type of person that when i go out, i can stay outside from morning til night and with this, it stays matte. worth the price? OH YES! TOTALLY

4. Urban Decay all nighter makeup setting spray
This spray helps even more with oily skin people, it holds the make up and the skin to stay matte. You gotta shake it well first so the solution is all mix well and spray it a few time to get that amazing finish :)

5. ID Bare Mineral Loose Powder
so how many of you have heard about this? yes people with oily skin is better off with loose mineralized powder and so far this is the best one. I dont know where to get it here but there are some alternative like L'oreal, Revlon, Maybelline, etc

6. MAC powder blush
if we cant avoid the oily skin, then it is alright, how about creating a fresh look *instead of pale and oily* by using blush on. I always think blushes are a must because it adds color onto your skin and MAC powder blush has a great pigmentation and long lasting on your cheeks, yes even when your whole face is oily, it stays there :)

7. Revlon Photoready Correcting Primer
Primer is good to control the oil on our face and if you have huge pores *usually there is a connection with oil & pores* this product will helps to minimized them :) the texture, again, looks thick but as soon as you apply it onto your face it feel smooth!

8. Lioeli Triple the solution BB Cream
so i did a review on this product, so check it out Lioeli triple the solution BB Cream REVIEW
If you are a BB Cream lover like me, you dont want to miss this item out! Stay matte on your skin *compare to other bb cream* light weight and good coverage.

9. Urban Decay eyeshadow primer
alright! again i have no idea where to get this here :( i only have 2 eyeshadow primer since i dont like wearing eyeshadow but this works well and stay matte and keep my eyeshadow in place for a good 7-8 hours! another alternative is NYX eyeshadow base, it works too but doesnt stay as long as this one :P

10. Clean & Clear oil control film
I have tried various brand but only this one settled in my heart, it absorbs well, leaves the skin matte and it is very handy :) 

so i hope these items helps and if you have another good products for oily skin that you have tested and proven good, leave it in the comment because i would like to try them!



SEKAR O(≧∇≦)O said...

Nice info....

New follower nih...

lina indrayanti said...

Nice info sis...
Berkunjung yach sis ke blog aku..
Newbie soalnya...
Mohon bimbingannya juga

Rosdiana Rose said...

Oh I love urban decay eye primer! It is one of the best and I have oily skin so i know how u feel totally! Mac blush! Yes m'am. Clean and clear blotting paper. Love it though i dont use it anymore. I should but i dont haha! Awesome product review girl!!!

Fweegie said...

hey you all! thanks for following me and leaving comments :) nice to meet you and i am a newbie too esp when i dont really update my blog before i join IBB haha but will try to update as much as i can :)

@Rosdiana yes so far the best is UD primer for me but i wanna try the NARS one i think.. if i am not mistaken haha

SEKAR O(≧∇≦)O said...

aku tag ya

Priska Siagian said...

Clean and clear blotting paper is a must have in all my bags. LOL

I'm a newbie too, good luck for both us on blogging :D

Follow each other?

theresia fweegy said...

@priska yeap! i've tried a few blotting papers, always going back to clean&clear haeheh

Anonymous said...

Wow! Thanks for the tips! :D
For me, I like the Gatsby without powder. But really, it boils down to preference.
Have a good day! :D

theresia fweegy said...

@karen: hello! im gonna try the gatsby now hahaha