Saturday, September 29, 2012


alrighty lovely!

there are times when i get confused between a make up remover wipes and cleansing wipes. i sound so dumb haha but yes yes i know make up remover is to remove make up but the thing is, on cleansing wipes, it will also say to cleanse make up, waterproof eyeliner etc2.

so when my curiosity hits me, i just had to buy and tested them out :P

so here i bought 3 cleansing wipes

body shop vit e cleansing wipes, mitu shikada for oily skin & mustika ratu herbal facial wipes

i did tested them out, yes each single one of them :) so here is what i think and before i start, i am not being paid or sponsor or whatever because i purchase these with my own money, my own choice and my own risk. so this is just my opinion on them, might work on me and might not work on you :)


so this is the packaging, i love it just cause it is pink :D and huge! it cost around RP 65.000 if i am not mistaken, i am very bad with numbers. very simple and elegant design and layout.

just like any normal wipes packaging, it has the sticker to lift and cover the tissue. so i think packaging wise is clear and now, when i open this, i actually can smell the scent * i think my nose is just sensitive* and honestly i hate the smell! it smells horrible more like a medicine kinda smell. But ignore the smell, i hope this products will work on me seeing that this is the most expensive ones but... no it doesnt work. It irritates my skin and basically it gives a burning feeling on my face.
i dont think this is gentle at all on me but then again, i dont work well with TBS... although i wish i can wear all of their products.


so the packaging, similar to the body shop but this one is smaller and contains on 10 sheets and the price.. i think it is around RP 9000 correct me if im wrong, as i told you i am very bad with numbers. haha but alright, so when i open it, the smell isnt that bad compare to the body shop but! i hate the texture of the wipes. it is harder than a tissue and when you open the wipes wipe, you actually can hear it being open like it has this "crsh" noise and kinda stiff, i dont think it has a gentle texture on my face and it also irritates slightly.


lastly, i think this is my faves out of these three. so packaging wise, same as the prev ones and this one contains more than 10 wipes haha the wipes has soft texture compare to the other two, it has a soft and gentle smell and it doesnt irritate my skin ;) 

did it lift up the make up? all of them do but not as good as an actual make up removal wipes but these arent a proper make up removal wipes i think this is more to the... "facial wash on the go" haha perfect for traveling on long journey though :)

will i purchase this again? NO, not because they irritate my skin but thats my second reason haha but basically i dont see the important or the point of having them :) i think cleansing milk and facial foam work better but if you are the type of person loves to travel, this will come in handy :)


Tuesday, September 25, 2012


hello how are you? ;) 
hope you have a great day

so i know these items here down below arent out yet and i asked my cousin to buy me all of the colors they have but sadly, she came back and gave me three since they are all sold out. *hey it is better than nothing right?*

so i heard alot of good things about these babies so finally after i got my hands on them.. first, i love the colour *although i am not a big fan of eyeshadow* i love all neutral colors actually :P

here is the packaging, sturdy and made of glass, i like it :)

the colors that i got were:




Here are the colors:


isnt that lovely? i love it!
i love the texture, when you apply it from the jar, it seems hard but it is actually not, it is so smooth when you apply it onto your eyes, which is a good thing, you dont want to have eyeshadow that is super hard to be put onto your eyelids otherwise you'd be stretching the eyes too much. So packaging wise: love it, unbreakable and good durability. Texture: smooth mousse-y like texture that glides on well onto your eyelids. Color: good pigmentation. The picture above is taken with one 2 swipes on the eyeshadows. 

so whats the best thing about this product other than what i have mention above?
I LOVE how long it stays on my eyes * knowing i have a very oily eyelids* so with a good primer and this eyeshadow, you are bound to have a good and beautiful day * ok way to extreme* i mean like you know your eyeshadows that enhanced your beautiful eyes are there, sitting there not smudging all over your eyes and working their colors to compliments your face for almost 12 hours will make you feel gorgeous and confident! well at least thats how i feel :D

so do let me know if these items are coming, i will buy them in every color!


Monday, September 24, 2012


g'day my darlings!

*hugs and smooches*

i know with all my heart it is annoying to have an oily skin, because not only it makes you look like you havent washed your face for a decade but it is pretty troublesome to keep on re-touching your skin and make up, or maybe it is just me who hates doing that? :P there are times when i wish i can buy a product that keep my skin matte!

and so after a long journey of researching, trying, experimenting and of course spending a whole lot of good amount of money... i have narrowed it down the items that works almost 100% well on my skin.
When i say almost, these items are actually do help my face and skin to keep matte the whole day with only one or twice using blotting paper * i think that is good enough*

so here i have made it clear and easy for you to view :)

these items here:
- i am not being sponsored
-i paid with my own money
-i choose the products
- i have tested them and some are my faves! 

They work on me but MIGHT NOT work on you *so please do a deep research on each of the items as i wont be responsible for any incident*

1. Olay Natural White (all in one fairness day cream)
i had finished my Olay white radiance day&night cream and they work wonder on my face so i think it is the time to try something new and of course, i wont change to other brand as Olay works well on my skin. This moisturizer is made for oily skin, i love the texture *although it looks thick* when you apply it onto your face, it is lightweight and smells good!

2. Lancome Teint Miracle foundation
Believe it or not, this was my very first foundation i ever bought, i was looking and researching for a foundation for oily skin and i thought to myself if it is a foundation, splurge on it because it is for your face where people will be looking at you. So i came down and decided to buy this item, and i have no regret at all! it is lightweight and great coverage! it stays matte on my skin for a whole good 5-6 hours. As when it comes to price, it is pricey but it is worth it for me :)

3. Revlon Color Stay foundation
Now, here is a product from a drugstore. Well i know we dont call it here :P but yes i have called this drugstore foundation and seriously guys, go out now and buy this! it stays matte on your skin almost the whole day! trust me, i am a type of person that when i go out, i can stay outside from morning til night and with this, it stays matte. worth the price? OH YES! TOTALLY

4. Urban Decay all nighter makeup setting spray
This spray helps even more with oily skin people, it holds the make up and the skin to stay matte. You gotta shake it well first so the solution is all mix well and spray it a few time to get that amazing finish :)

5. ID Bare Mineral Loose Powder
so how many of you have heard about this? yes people with oily skin is better off with loose mineralized powder and so far this is the best one. I dont know where to get it here but there are some alternative like L'oreal, Revlon, Maybelline, etc

6. MAC powder blush
if we cant avoid the oily skin, then it is alright, how about creating a fresh look *instead of pale and oily* by using blush on. I always think blushes are a must because it adds color onto your skin and MAC powder blush has a great pigmentation and long lasting on your cheeks, yes even when your whole face is oily, it stays there :)

7. Revlon Photoready Correcting Primer
Primer is good to control the oil on our face and if you have huge pores *usually there is a connection with oil & pores* this product will helps to minimized them :) the texture, again, looks thick but as soon as you apply it onto your face it feel smooth!

8. Lioeli Triple the solution BB Cream
so i did a review on this product, so check it out Lioeli triple the solution BB Cream REVIEW
If you are a BB Cream lover like me, you dont want to miss this item out! Stay matte on your skin *compare to other bb cream* light weight and good coverage.

9. Urban Decay eyeshadow primer
alright! again i have no idea where to get this here :( i only have 2 eyeshadow primer since i dont like wearing eyeshadow but this works well and stay matte and keep my eyeshadow in place for a good 7-8 hours! another alternative is NYX eyeshadow base, it works too but doesnt stay as long as this one :P

10. Clean & Clear oil control film
I have tried various brand but only this one settled in my heart, it absorbs well, leaves the skin matte and it is very handy :) 

so i hope these items helps and if you have another good products for oily skin that you have tested and proven good, leave it in the comment because i would like to try them!


Wednesday, September 19, 2012


i am pretty sure you guys are not a stranger when it comes to me + bb cream. yeap i love bb cream! whats there not to love? it moisturize your skin, it has spf, and the best part is it covers all the blemishes you have! 

but different brand has different finish on my face and from all the brands i have tried, yeap, im not gonna go and upload and talk about every single one of them but if you are curious to know about a certain brand, leave a comment and i will do a review for you ;)

yes in Tony Moly, they have a wide range of bb cream but i chose this one, why? hmm probably when i was doing my research this particular items appear the most and it says for oily skin go for the blue one but who to know that this product is the worst bb cream i ever try. but i think i am gonna try and buy another bb cream from there haha

this is the packaging, i love it actually simple and small and thin! it saves alot of space.

when you open it, the pump or the top of the tube is very convenient as i am the type of person who loves to control the amount of items so that it doesnt go to waste

the colour of this bb cream is almost the same as our skin colour * because there are bb creams in with grey undertone* thats one good thing about this

so why do i found this bb cream is a failure for me?

as you all know i have a very super duper extreme oily skin and it is hard for me to find products that will mattify my skin although there are a few haha ok back to this product so i tested it, and my skin got oily within 1 hours. Now i thought to myself, was the coverage bad? no it wasnt. when i apply this first, it is like other bb cream, a goof full coverage. Is it because of the SPF? well.. if it is cause by the spf 30 it has, the why does my Lioelli bb cream works wonder on my skin? i have no idea.. but one major thing i didnt like about this bb cream is how fast my oily can get compare to my other bb cream :( well, i cant complain much though because the price is also cheaper compare to the other. i think it was rp 99000

any recommendation for another brand of bb cream?


Tuesday, September 18, 2012


This product right here deserve a spot on my blog!
by now, you are familiar on my obsession on bb cream right?
not only it moisturizes, it has spf but it also has a great coverage that covers all of my blemishes :) yayy

i was ecstatic when i heard this brand had finally arrived and open its store in jakarta! trust me as soon as i found out, i went there to buy this particular item! and guess what?! it was worth it! well i did buy a powder together with this bb cream and i think it cost RP 500.000 ish and i got free goodies, if i am not mistake it was.. cotton pad, make up remover wipes and 2 eyeshadows :)

okay enough rambling, why do i love this product?
it is simply because it makes my skin stay matte almost 6 hours! and this is a miracle when it comes to bb cream knowing they have spf. So if you have an oily skin like me * my skin is basically a greasy pan* you can give this a try. I wonder do they have a small tester/sample at the booth? hmm

so the packaging, hmm so-so, normal but i love the pinky theme on it :) and the curly ornament on the logo :) makes it so girly

yeap it is all in korean and i dont understand korean haha

so when you open the cap, it has a pump but! one tiny imperfection from this product, the cap! it is so close the tip of the pump so whenever you push out the product and there are some left on the pump, as soon as you put the cap on, the product will smear inside the cap.. :( 

again with the colour of the cream, to die for! ok a little to extreme hahah but i am a sucker for bb cream with skin tone undertone :) and this one blends so well with my skin!

will i purchase this again? OH HECK YES I WILL! but i gotta wait til everything finish though because currently, i am so in love with this i barely even wanna use it :P 

with the price i think it is worth it :) i will let you know if i found a lower cost but marvelous bb cream :)

leave a comment if you have any qs or i did miss anything out :P