Wednesday, June 20, 2012


you beautiful people you! *poke*
ok so.... hmm i am sick~ bleah yet i still love you all and i decided to suck this sickness up and be merry and to make a video that i have been seeing on youtube , it is none other than "a $20 make up challenge"

but i no come from the states. hmmm so i convert that.. n roughly i got a RP 200.000 (it is in rupiah)
so i did feel a little ... " will i got a whole face make up within that amount?" i mean honestly, 20$ is cheap if ur in the states, but here? im living in a 3rd world country so... there are alot of thoughts went across my mind.. like... hmm 200k.. thats so little! revlon maybelline etc.. are kinda pricey here..

nevertheless, i went out yesterday and start going around and i went into this local beauty shop and voila! got the cheapest make up foundation ever! so long story short, i compiled all my make up for a 200k RP! ladeedaaaaaa!

so here we go!

since, i bought a few of new stuff, i might as well, give them my thoughts!

here is the final look:

my camera sucks but in real, it looks more nicer.

why? you can wear this look both day & night :) 
for night, you might to dab in more on the brown eyeshadow colour :)

so here are the list:

foundation/concealer/eyeprimer: SARI AYU
what do i say? although this foundation is light and gives good coverage, guess what happen to my hand? it turns yellow! hahaha so, wont recommend this to anyone :P but if you are brave to use this, feel free to do so :) it is low cost tho, i guess i got what i pay for.
RP 7100

eyeshadow/ eye brow: REVLON
what do i say? i am a fan of REVLON and i am a fan for NATURAL eyeshadows. thumbs up!
RP 45000

mascara/eyeliner: SARIAYU
what do i say? yes this product actually worth every single penny of my pocket! haha if you think about it, with a 50K RP, you got 2 items, so each is RP 25K. 
now tell me where can u get a 25k for mascara+eyeliner? recommended!
RP 51900

blush on: SARI AYU
what do i say? it may sounds that i am obsessed or.. cheapo? haha but, i gotta say, 90% of this local brand are good! pigmentation and thick! colour really shows on you skin!
so loving this blush! although it is kinda small tho.
RP 37000

powder: maybelline
what do i say? - hmmmmm i dont know haha kinda yellow-ish but coverage is good!
here is a tip to save cost when buying a powder: always buy the refill!
this cost:RP19.900 while the whole thing cost RP 40 ish :) or maybe 50? i forgot but pricey!

lipstick: revlon
what do i say? i heard alot of beauty gurus use this specific lipstick, so i got it, i wont say anything much but one my fave pink tone of lip colour!
RP 33000

so yes! if you wanna look at the video how to achieve the look

go to:

or simply search



ps: enjoy! and you still can look good even if you are tight in the budget ;)

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